Earrings with nineties make holo pattern yourself

Earrings with nineties make holo pattern yourself
Do you remember the nineties? What comes to mind when you think back to it? Maybe you think of the Backstreet Boys, or maybe N’sync? Or rather Britney Spears? No matter which star you think, the CD’s were always there with the Discman. Or maybe you think of Gameboy, Tamagotchi and Super Nintendo? I had all three and the Playstation AND Dreamcast, haha. Favorite Games: Super Mario World and Mickey Mouse. Do you think about Inline Skates and Pokémon Trading Cards? Sailor Moon and Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Talk shows and good children’s series on RTL2 and Co.? Plateau shoes and plastic pacifiers … and, and, and ..

I was born in 1988, so I experienced my complete childhood in the ’90s and have to think about all the things I’ve just mentioned and more vieeeel. It’s just my childhood. And one thing I remember very well are these patterns! These geometric, colorful patterns you’ve seen everywhere in the early / mid-nineties. I remember wearing dresses with such patterns back then. Especially in neon colors and with palm trees or lettering. And because I always think back to that time nostalgically, I made my own nineties retro pattern earrings.

holo ohrringe neunziger geometrische muster

holo earrings nineties geometric pattern

That’s what you need
Modeling clay or polymer clay
acrylic paint
Clear nail polish
Holographic washitape (currently, for example, Rossmann)
Jump rings, wire, earring hooks etc.